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IDInteraction tools

We have made all of our source code and execution pipelines available under Open Source licences:

Getting started

The only software needed to run these tools is Docker. Please see the installation instructions for your platform to get started.

The pipelines themselves will be automatically downloaded from the Docker Hub when they are first run.

Using the helper scripts

These scripts are designed to run on Unix-like machines such as Linux and Mac OS X. They are provided as an easy way to run the pipelines described below.

There is information on how to install and run them in GitHub.

  • idi-init-tracking - This gathers the information needed to initialize object tracking. It needs access to the input videos and a directory to save the tracking setup data to.

  • idi-track - This is the core object tracking tool in this collection. It takes the input videos and the outputs from idi-init-tracking and creates a CSV file with object tracking data in it.

  • idi-replay-tracking - This tool takes all the data generated in the previous steps and combines it into a single video output; the object-tracked bounding box and bounding box center point are drawn into each video.

Running the Docker pipelines directly

If you wish for more control over how the pipelines are run you can use Docker directly. Please see the detailed instructions to do this.